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GRAJO & friends – Gabriel Jesus

The first GRAJO model

Models should embody what they wear. They need to fit the brand and, ideally, be able to identify with it. It’s hard to find suitable models, even though there are so many agencies with countless comp cards. It’s even harder to find suitable models who aren’t actually professional models at all. Not for GRAJO, however, as we have made the most of our links with the football business. After all, footballers these days are actually not that different to professional models. They pose for reels, model the latest football shirts and give live interviews.

So who better to strike a pose for the camera than Brazilian football star Gabriel Jesus?




Growing up in very modest surroundings in the north of Sao Paolo, he spent every spare minute on the typical local cinder pitches. “I started playing football on the street”, says Jesus. “My mother gave me a ball and, from then on, my life was all about football”.

His youth was shaped by football, but also by poverty. He took on various odd jobs to support his mother.


During the 2014 World Cup, Gabriel was a 16-year-old kid painting the streets of his local favela to support the Brazilian national team.


Two years later, he was winning the gold medal at the Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro alongside teammates who were absolute world stars, like Neymar and Marquinhos.


And four years later, he captained the Brazilian national team himself at the 2018 World Cup in Russia. This time, the people painted the streets for him. In collaboration with a local street-art collective and the local community, Adidas created a huge mural of Jesus in his hometown of Jardim Peri.


By the time of his transfer to Manchester City, the youngster from the favela, whose market value is estimated at around 75 million euros, had become an absolute world elite. Gabriel is currently signed to Arsenal in London, where he plays an essential role in the squad for manager Mikel Arteta.


Likeable, down-to-earth and passionate – the highly successful professional footballer has all of these characteristics, and we at GRAJO want to embody them, too. But not without that certain extra something. For Gabriel Jesus, it may be his tattoos or dribbling skills. For us, it’s the unique combination of Granit and JoJo.