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Behind the scenes at our first shoot

London’s calling

London does not just stand for Europe’s largest airport, the capital of English football and the home of the British Monarch. No, London has also been a fashion mecca for decades, with the world-famous Savile Row having become a symbol for classic menswear.
GRAJO is also about fashion and menswear, although it has precious little to do with classic couture. Nevertheless, London was in the thick of the action and definitely has a place in our hearts. We are also passionate about high-quality, no-fuss fashion, of course. This is plain to see in our logo, for example.

But back to the matter in hand – back to London. Because London was the location of our shoot for the first GRAJO collection. A shoot we’ll never forget. Firstly, because it was the first collection, which naturally gave rise to an array of emotions. Secondly, because it was such fun, despite the heavy workload and a long day.

The fun was mostly thanks to the relaxed atmosphere on set, mainly courtesy of our footballers Gabriel Jesus and Granit Xhaka, who are no strangers to the camera. Supported by a highly professional and also massively motivated team, we tried everything to show our products in the best possible light and stage them in a fitting way – cool, fuss-free and minimalist. You can judge for yourselves whether we succeeded, as the online shop with the products from the shoot is now live!