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Web performance and analysis
We use this data to improve the performance of our websites and services and to conduct business-related analyses regarding the shopping experience on the website and in the shop.

JUCAN x Xhaka AG collects user journey data in order to show you relevant sponsored content regarding our products (and those of our partners and the brands available from us). To select relevant content for you, we use information regarding your previous purchases and your interactions with the site, for example. We may share this information and a customer identifier, such as an encrypted email address or device data, with third parties such as Facebook, TikTok, LinkedIn or Google. In this way, we can show you relevant advertising on the websites and in the apps of third-party providers. Where possible, we also link this data across devices and process data regarding the advertising shown (e.g. whether you have clicked an advert and then purchased something). This helps us to gauge the effectiveness of our advertising and simplifies our advertising billing process.

Based on your interactions with the site, your buying habits and the brands you prefer, we can show you personalised content (e.g. items in the catalogue that match your preferences). Some of the personalised content may be sponsored by brands or partners that sell products on our site. We may use click data to settle billing of this personalised sponsored content with the partners concerned. You can request changes to, additions to or deletion of your personal data in writing at any time.

This data helps us to make shopping with us better for you, prevent bugs and test new functions. Furthermore, it helps us monitor the user experience as a whole and also analyse our shop with regard to business-related aspects.

The data collected by these services is needed to ensure the technical performance of the website, provide you with basic shopping functions, make shopping with us secure and prevent fraud.