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The evolution of GRAJO – meet our second collection

The time has come! Our new collection is here, reflecting GRAJO's growth while staying true to our core principles: minimalistic, easily combinable, and comfortable fashion.

We know how much you love our signature tracksuits, and we’ve made sure to preserve the character that made them a hit. This collection features slight improvements, enhancing the pieces you adore without losing their essence. The hoodie remains largely unchanged, while we’ve introduced a new sweater variant offering an elevated take on our classic look. To please our female fanbase, we are to introduce a unique colorway dedicated to women, offering the well-known GRAJO quality with a touch of freshness.




Anyway, that is not the only big news! We’ve designed a pleated summer collection. Staying true to our two-piece approach, this limited-edition collection features matching pants and shirts, perfect for those hot summer days. The lightweight fabric and relaxed fit ensure maximum comfort while maintaining the stylish, effortless look that GRAJO is celebrated for.


We invite you to explore our new collection and to experience the evolution of GRAJO. For your support we feel eternally grateful and cannot wait to share this next chapter with you.