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Minimalistic, stylish and uncomplicated. This is GRAJO

GRAJO stands for GRanit And JOjo – two friends who have plenty in common. Not least a passion for fashion.


It all started at JUCAN – a Swiss company, founded by Johannes and specialising in bespoke suits, that provided Granit with an individual made-to-measure outfit for his wedding. This business led to a friendship and, as is often the case between good friends, the two came up with various ideas for a joint project.

The year 2023 marks the launch of GRAJO – the result of complex deliberations, hours and hours of brainstorming, countless samples, and the courage to embark on a new adventure together.


GRAJO reflects what friendship and passion can become. The fashion label stands for fuss-free, easily combinable and exciting clothing. Fashion that makes it easy for the wearer to look good without wanting to stand out at any cost and without having to stand in front of their wardrobe for hours on end. Many of the items are two-pieces – garments that belong together. The knitted pants go perfectly with the knitted top, the hoodie with the lounge pants. Each item is colour-coordinated, of course, and can also be worn on its own.


No, the name GRAJO does not just represent the first names of the two founders. GRAJO stands for a lot more – such as the linking of their shared values and visions, and the courage to simply go ahead and do it. It also represents a blend of individuality, style and creativity, combining Granits dynamism and strong character with Jojo’s elegance and finesse for fashion.

The GRAJO logo symbolises the close friendship between Granit and Jojo, and the collaboration it gave rise to. It comprises the stylised initials of their two first names, forming a harmonious whole and reflecting the “two pieces” fashion concept. GRAJO exudes contemporary class and also reflects the personalities and the passion of the two founders.

Passende Outfits für dich.